Gestures are more powerful than words

Gestures are more powerful than words:

Communicating with very young children less than 4 years is always taken lightly. We would have seen young children talking sentences using unclear words. In the beginning many a times we would have enjoyed it, cuddled them for their efforts. Later the same efforts will be verbally answered as we are engaged in our kitchen counter or office work. Sometimes when we are engaged we don’t hesitate to ignore their efforts. It is key to understand that being available as a listener is more important than what your react/respond.

Be available:
* Notice the moments your child would love to express his thoughts like bed time, meal time or back from school time and try to be available with them during that time.
* Initiate the conversation. Have a one to one time with your child without distraction as frequently as possible
* Know your child’s interest and try to indulge in it along with them

Be a Listener:
* When your child starts telling you something, please stop your work for a moment and listen to them
* Listen to their views completely before reacting
* Repeat your understanding of their views to let them know that you heard them correctly
* Respond appropriately now.

What we respond with very young children is actually not so important than our gestures of being available as a good listener to them. They are not going to reason out your replies rather learn from how you model them.

So, when your child eats a cupcake, throws the cover on the floor and comes happily to talk to you about how she likes that cupcake, just listen to her fully, acknowledge that she is enjoying that cupcake and walk along with her to pick up the cover and throw into the trash. Long lectures on how we have to help keep our environment clean to a 4 year old makes less meaning than modeling.

Happy Parenting!

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