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By the end of the day as you enter the house from work, you have had enough and you are struggling to keep your cool, make dinner and attend to your child waiting for you for a long time. You feel your energy being pulled off and have no control to hold on to your child’s behaviour. Here starts the adult’s tantrums and so the child’s too. Peaceful home is becoming a fantasy here. Am sure many parents get into this thought every now and then.

Making small changes in your behavior and your child’s daily routines can make a big difference in your home. You can learn to spend time with your child as you also feel rejuvenated. Here are some simple tips for you to get on your way to a more relaxed home in which you can enjoy your children.

* As a parent, listen more than you speak. Ask your child open-ended questions that allow for her to expand on her thoughts and experiences. Listen as your child talk to you. She will feel validated if she believes you’re truly paying attention as opposed to thinking about what your response is going to be.

* If you feel very tired, please move away from the child rather than attending to them with stress. Take your time out, refresh, have a sip of coffee and be back to happily attend to your child.

* Limit electronics. Give your child time to think and reflect without the stimulation of a video game, television show, or social media website demanding her attention.

*Allow your child to sit quietly doing nothing. Children need this downtime to listen to their inner voice and process their thoughts, just as adults need this time to decompress from a stressful day.

* Young children are great helpers. Engage in calm family activities like art, cooking, cleaning or gardening. Involve your child in all this activities to the level she can help you. Refrain from filling your child’s silent moments with conversation during these peaceful activities. Children do not feel uncomfortable silences like adults. Welcome these moments as a non-verbal connections with your child.

* Become a peaceful parent. Model quiet activities like reading. Speak in a calm tone of voice when interacting with your child and other adults. Your child will mimic your behaviors, both positive and negative. If you show anger, hostility, sarcasm, and frustration, your child will display those behaviors, too. Before you act, make sure you behave in a manner that you would like your child to emulate.

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