Quiet Time Bins

I have always wondered how I would have managed my time with my children if I have not entered this Montessori World. In the current world it is easy for children as well as parents to cling to lot of distractions. I completely understand that it is a challenge to the parents to think of healthy engagement for their children.

We try to read books, engage them in our daily chores, and take them to the nearby parks. But sometimes, we feel we need a little time for ourselves. Some days when we feel sick/ tired, we may need that QUIET TIME! It becomes a challenge for the parents in nuclear family to handle their child in such situations. So we excuse ourselves by letting them watch animals in TV or rhymes in our mobiles.

I have tried to put down few suggestions for that QUIET time. Your presence is least required in the below activities once you know your child is safe with the material, provided you follow some ground rules J Please ignore the mess that may be created for the first time. But help them clean it up themselves once they finish their work. DO NOT interfere in their work unless they are trying to do something harmful.

  1. Two tumblers with drinking water – Make sure this tumbler is not the usual one used in the house. May be you can store couple of beautiful tumblers just for this purpose. If you have a Juice set (a jug and few tumblers), it is a bonus. Children get immersed in such activities a lot.
  2. A bin with An Old Newspaper, a scissor and a box for cut snippets – Children happily engage in cutting strips.
  3. A bin with a Small Glue stick, Craft papers and scissor. Children who are used to cutting snippets can glue them to a craft paper. This is an endless fun for most of the children, as they enjoy seeing their creation.
  4. A bin with colour buttons, small plastic egg/any container. Children can fill the egg/container with few buttons and enjoy shaking. They add few more buttons and see the sound difference. Children explore a lot with this bin.
  5. A bin with few plastic bottles. Fill each bottle with water, food colour, some glitters and chamkis. Make each bottle in different colours. Seal the cap permanently. It is so much fun for children to watch the glitters settling down slowly after every shake.
  6. A bin with collection of simple hair clips. This is an all time favourite bin for girl children. They love sorting them by colour/ Shape. Sometimes you can see them cover their entire head with clips with no hair seen out.
  7. A bin with Slips of stickers and a chart for sticking them. This is again an all time favourite activity for all the children
  8. Children don’t need colouring books and a box full of crayons. They are always a distraction for them. All they need is a bin with a printout of their favourite picture and 3/4 colour crayons.

Prepare all these bins and reserve for an appropriate moment to give it to them. I’m sure you will enjoy this QUIET time when your child will be busily engaged in their activity. Children too enjoy these activities more than getting passively engaged with TV!

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